Two Famous Blackjack Books to Read

Blackjack, or 21, is very popular and has been for centuries. It is still alive today, thanks to the exciting combination of skill and luck in the game. A lot of people get attracted to blackjack because skill is needed to win it and they believe that they can manipulate the game results because of this. Because blackjack is so popular, a lot of books have been written on how to optimizing a person's odds of winning through extensive discussions on card-counting systems, strategies, and various other inventive tactics.

Popular Books on Blackjack

Blackjack Secrets

Stanford Wong's Blackjack Secrets is quite old and came out in 1993. However, the book's writing style has stopped it from becoming obsolete since the majority of information in this book is quite concise and is greatly based on the unchanging laws of probability and mathematical disciplines. In around 250 pages, a lot about blackjack can be learned from this book - and much more compared to thicker books of blackjack, actually.

This whole book is perfect for people who wish to learn about blackjack while using helpful and interesting strategies at the same time. It also teaches about betting and counting with the Hi-Lo system. The best part, though, is how straightforward the book is and how it just says everything it needs to in a concise way. For people who wish to learn the game, but would rather do so in a limited time, this book would be perfect.

Bill Haywood's revolves around online blackjack, which is great because this card game happens to be extremely popular inside the virtual world now, too. talks about blackjack in this virtual setting and even though the majority of game simulations out there do everything they can to copy actual blackjack games properly, nobody can really claim they have succeeded 100% in that task. Because of this, people can keep expecting little insignificant and harmless differences in the results of the game.

The book has a short discussion about this along with lots of good advice for those who want to earn lots of money from casinos online, most of all their incentive bonuses. It also talks about several casino reputations and what people can expect from them. Most importantly, however, this book deals with modern blackjack software and online games in a comprehensive manner.

What makes this book different from others is that it doesn't try to sugarcoat everything about blackjack by promising huge sums of winnable money. Instead, it brings out a frank discussion about casinos, the game itself, downloadable and online blackjack software, and what you could get from learning card-counting and basic strategies of blackjack. Basically, you can get real information out of this book that will definitely be helpful in the online blackjack world.

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