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This Site values so much the privacy of all its visitors. Thus, it is pretty careful in dealing with the information of all its visitors. Just like any other websites online, it may take some relevant information from its visitors but definitely not without their consent. There is also nothing to be alarm if this is the cause as the information is solely used for emailing purposes. In this case visitors is always informed and given the freedom to choose this option or not since they also have the choice of visiting this website without having to divulger their identity for obvious reasons.

Visitors will have the assurance that all their information that shall be collected by this site will be used only to serve them better the next time they need to visit the site again. It is also often the system used to send them emails and newsletters that maybe relevant for their daily undertakings. Visitors also have the freedom to opt not to continue receiving these mails and newsletters.

This Site also uses the latest system of remembering information of its visitors through the so-called cookies. This is principally used to keep track and record of each visitor's preferences to serve them better the next time they pay a visit to the site. However, visitors always have the freedom to opt not to accept cookies from this website.

However the data and information collection in this website is done does not really much of a concern for its visitors. The important thing that visitors of This Site need to take note of is the site's real commitment of keeping this information as confidential as you want them to be. However, it does not have any control of the other websites that links with it. Despite this, suggestions and comments pertinent to the privacy policy of the other sites it is link with. One thing to remember when you visit this site is the fact that you agree with its policy on pertinent with your privacy online.


This Site absolutely does not propagate any types and forms of gambling whether it is illegal or even the so-called underage. All the relevant content in this site is purposely laid out purely for entertainment purposes. Let it be noted therefore that the site itself has no control over the content of the other sites linked with it. The site is also not held liable for any losses or damage that you may have to incur here or even with its linked sites. When visiting and actually exploring and using the site it is construed that you agree with all these being at legal gambling age and living in a place where online gambling is not prohibited by law.

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