Know Your Odds to Win Blackjack

Like with other card games out there, luck is also involved in blackjack. However, how you react to your cards can separate this luck from intelligence and this is why strong card strategies are important. Before learning about a strategy, though, you will have to learn about the odds that you face first.

In blackjack, you only get whatever cards are dealt, the up-card of the dealer and, most importantly, the cards of other players. Although that very last bit might not look important, seeing these other cards can let you know whether you could get a high or low card next. This can also help you decide if you should surrender, double down, stand or hit - think about it.

Blackjack Odds - The Basics

When looking at multi-deck blackjack games, for example, not following a basic blackjack strategy could result to a house edge of 0.5%, which means that you could lose 5 cents for each $10 bet. Now, this science isn't exact and this doesn't necessarily mean that each player is going to lose 5 cents for each $10 bet, but on average, that would be the result. Even if a player wins $100 while another loses $100.05, the overall house edge will still stand at 0.5%

A lot of online casinos will give you the chance to surrender, though, which means you can throw cards in if you think you might lose and, so, the casino will keep 50% of your bet. When surrendering alone, though, the house advantage will stand at 7% - much too high if blackjack players are thinking about playing the odds. Remember that there is a right time to surrender, but those times are very rare.

How Odds Get Played Out

Try to find online casinos where dealers have to stand on soft 17s whenever you can. See, when dealers can hit on soft 17s, the house advantage actually goes up by 0.2%.

Another thing to search for would be the payouts of odds. Several casinos might only provide 1:1 when it comes to blackjack; however, they may give out other bonuses in order to counter this. When it comes to Spanish blackjack, though, the casino might offer up great blackjack odds yet get rid of the 10s in the deck, thus lowering the cards with values of 10 by 25% - not good.

Because of all of this, it would be vital for you to properly understand the odds prior to playing blackjack anywhere.

Good luck!

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