What is Zen Count in Blackjack?

Card-counting in blackjack games is definitely helpful, but Zen Count refers to an advanced system of card-counting that simply wasn't meant for beginners of counting cards.

If you are a beginner, you will get much better results by practicing systems like Hi/Lo first before graduating to Zen Count. This is because the latter involves more complicated arithmetic, while featuring more groupings of numbers. If you have already put card-counting systems to use before, you will find this more natural than if this was your first time.

You need to know that this Zen Count doesn't guarantee instant success of any kind at blackjack tables. It isn't a silver bullet nor does it guarantee to make you much richer.

However, Zen Count is capable of giving you a barometer when it comes to the dealer's shoe. Using this system will also give you a sense of when you will get hands of high values and you will get to see whenever great cards are starting to tail off.

Why is This System Helpful?

Although this system cannot guarantee wins, it still gives shows you how the gameplay will go. By putting this system to use, you will get information on the amount of high value cards that are available, so you can start putting down maximum bets, as needed.

On that same note, telling that the majority of action is over will help you minimize your overall losses since you will scale your bets to lower chips as the game requires. Plus, if you are sure that all of the high cards are definitely gone, you can start hitting much more because you probably won't draw 10-value cards anyway.

How Does it Work?

The Zen Count system works just like other systems, such as Hi/Lo; the deck will get divided into groups, each of which comes with a point value. During gameplay, whenever events of every group appears on the table, you can keep using their value and add it to the total that you run inside your head.

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